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Online 1-1 Personalised Math and English Learning Programs

For K – 8
Starting at $ 99/month (Winter Offer – Upto 30% Off*)

"Our mission is to empower your child's academic excellence with a focus on proficiency in both Mathematics and English"

Our distinctive agile approach focuses on not only what students learn but how they learn it .It has been developed through extensive research and experience working  with children . Unlike teaching methods that rely on text books and rote learning or memorization , our approach helps children overcome fears by building their confidence.

How It Works


Tell us about the help you’re seeking and your specific learning objectives – including the subject, level and any other details which may be useful in finding you the perfect tutor.


Our smart system will connect you with a tutor who meets your learning requirements in less than 24 hours. You’ll have the opportunity to chat and have a demo class with the tutor before starting.


Meet the tutor in our advanced online lesson space, with features like video chat and a virtual whiteboard to help make every lesson engaging and fun and effective.

Global Champions Advantage

A simple guide for new users to get started

Enroll in three simple steps-

Register for a free session

Take a demo session Followed by a diagnostic test

Choose the program

Our Programs

Parent and Student Testimonials


You are wonderful ! My children need support and you are going above and beyond !!! I couldn’t have asked for more knowledge , guidance and support i the success of my children

Location - Florida
Medical Support

Seshagiri Midtada

I am really more than satisfied to see my daughter performing better in her math assessments in school and she is very confident in Maths now and completes her math assignments on her own without my support . Grateful for the change

Location - California

Shyamla Gowri

My daughter has shown great improvement in her performance in number operations . Constant practice has helped her improve her calculation speed We are aiming for Olympiads this year and I am sure with the tutoring support from global champions , she will ace the exams.

Location - California
IT Professional


The number of classes is two per week for grades K to 8. But the schedule is flexible, according to your child’s requirements and availability. Also, each class runs for 50 minutes, extendable to an hour.

Our teachers are trained to teach according to various curricula across countries. We specialize in the US common core curriculum based teaching.

Yes. Our tutors always personalize the learning plan according to your child’s needs and we have  mediation programs for all grades  to  help your child overcome learning gaps , if any, in the current academic year.

We give a lot of flexibility in terms of the payments as they  are based on subscription / period of enrollment – monthly -( 8 classes), quarterly (24 classes ) , biannually( 48 classes) and yearly (96 classes).

We have a no questions asked refund policy. If you’re unhappy with the experience, you can cancel anytime for a full refund of the unused classes.

We have a flexible leave policy that allows for both planned and unplanned leaves. Just keep your tutor informed.

We encourage active involvement of parents in the learning process of the child. We share the progress report in terms of monthly progress reports .

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